A Pictorial History of the Manor Grounds.

The Manor House, Lancing.
Sold by the original Lloyd family to Lancing College in 1920 for Boarding pupils.
Sold in 1935 to Worthing Council, who by 1972 decided to demolish it so that a leisure centre could be built !

This was the Manor Lodge (gatehouse) in 1910.
Situated on the north side of the 'roundabout' of the Old Shoreham Road and Grinstead Lane.
The road on the right of the white fence was widened and ultimately became the A27.
The road to the left corner of the picture was/is Manor Road...the lodge ?..demolished in the 1930's.

Looking West in the 1940's. Not much is familiar today...Most of the trees
in the picture were destroyed by Dutch Elm disease and the 'great'storm of 1987.

Eastern side of the Manor House in 1950.

Looking North West around 1950. The old Pavilion can be seen in the distance.
Again, most of the trees are long gone.

Another view of the Manor House around 1950.
Looking North East from the southern part of the Manor Grounds.

1972...Manor House surrounded by fencing, being demolished !