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Lancing Manor
Cricket Club

LMCC is an amateur cricket club in West Sussex on the South Coast of England situated (very) roughly half-way between Brighton and Worthing.

1922- Grammarians CC formed at the same time as Old Grammarians FC.
1923- Merged with Worthing CC as a 'feeder' club called Worthing 'A' CC.
1926- Worthing CC lost their ground, Worthing 'A' became towns main club and was now called Worthing 'II'.
1927- Full merger of Worthing 'II' into Worthing CC after WCC moved to their new Manor Ground in Broadwater.
Grammarians/Worthing 'A'/Worthing 'II' had effectively folded after 5 seasons.
1931- Worthing Old Grammarians CC played one match, organised by players of WOG FC.
1934- WOG CC had a fixture list of a few games.
1935- Full fixture card, using various Worthing grounds (Rotary, Hill Barn, Victoria, Homefield, Broadwater, Northbrook) as their 'Home'.
1951- After 10 'homeless' seasons, WOG CC had a 'home', Forest Road, Worthing, alongside WOG FC.
1958- With Forest Road closing for housing, WOG CC moved 2.5 miles East to the vacant Lancing Manor ground after LMCC had also been evicted.
1965- Club renamed Manor Cricket Club.
1971- Club renamed Lancing Manor CC.
1975- LMCC 2nd XI played 3 matches.
1976- LMCC 2nd XI full fixture list.
2006- LMCC 2nd XI stopped.
2010- LMCC 2nd XI re-started.
2013- 1st XI plays League games at Buckingham Park, Shoreham.
2016- LMCC 2nd stopped again. 1st XI move back to Manor.
2017- LMCC to play League Matches at Hill Barn, friendlies at Manor.
2018- LMCC to return to their home at Lancing Manor.
Today we run a Saturday League XI, a Sunday 'Friendly' XI' and a thriving Colts Team.

This Website will hopefully give an insight into our friendly club.

The Gallery also features the famous 'Tour' section.
The pictures 'highlight' the enjoyment had on and off the field in places across Europe (Germany, Ireland, Belgium, Denmark, Portugal, Malta, France, Hungary, Croatia, Spain, Corfu, Czech Republic).
The 2018 Tour will be to..Slovenia !



Club President
Terry Griffin

Club Chairman
Chris Salt

Club Secretary
Nick Brown

Team Secretary
Nick Brown

Andrew Long

Junior Team Manager
Andy Murray

Fixture Secretary
Chris Salt

League Rep,
Welfare Officer

Dave Smith

Special Ops.
Chris Hazlehurst

1st XI Captain
Yasir Iqbal

Club Mascot





Awards !

Featured in National Magazine, Issue No.7

Since October 1998

News Update: 4th May 2018

Welcome to the all new (well, new hosting company, same fun packed website) where you will find all sorts of goodies relating to LMCC - who are just four, yes, an inside-edge past the keeper, away from our Centenery!

For 2018 we are looking for new members - all abilities welcome - to join up and have a bit of flannel competition as well as make new friends and aquaintances. Many current members have grown up, ok, grown older at the club and consider Manor related escapades as something to look back on with great pride - and embarrassment!

The U15 team is thriving and please, via the contact link in the menu, any new enquiries welcome.


They are running now at the Manor, each Wednesday, 7pm to 8pm.
Looking forward to seeing as many of you there as possible!

The League has changed structure yet again, no longer the West Sussex Invitation, but the Sussex Cricket League, link above.

Senior membership 35
Junior (Under18) /Student membership 15
Senior member match fee 7
Junior (Under18) /Student member match fee 5
If you didn't spot it, basically the match fee is 7 for a senior regardless if you are a member or not - as we always had, the fee is the same. Members will simply take priority when teams are being picked.
Membership will be waived for new players (played zero matches prior to 2018) but they will not be guaranteed selection unless they wish to pay the membership.
These players will also pay membership match fees throughout the course of the season.

TEAS - 2018
Members when requested to provide teas for home games, agree or find someone else to do them - spend up to max 35 - providing an array of sandwiches, savouries, cakes etc - don't forget milk and maybe tea-bags & sugar (ask previous tea maker re supplies!)

Website Update: 4th April 2018

2018 Season Fixtures are now loaded.

New link to LMCC's play cricket page - data extracted from League Website, so lots of fixtures and more stats than Beefy can poke his bat at.

Player profiles to be updated soon : a few newbies to be added soon.

Tour photos from Prague are needed - were any taken ?!?

2017 Averages are now uploaded and inside the '2017 Handbook' link.

The Career Stats for 1st/2nd XI and Records sections include the whole of the 1922-2017 period!

Some of the older photos have been re-scanned and uploaded - photos of the 1935, 1962 and 1965 teams!

The 'Hall of Fame' page has been added too - what with the newly found archives and known 'stars' of the past - Lionel Waton, Len Punter, Ray Knight, Frank Allen, Ken Batchelor, Tom Dix, Ian Pitt, Tony Watts, Gerry Dawson, Neil Hewitt, Gerry Price and Gordon Collins, Harry Foinette and possibly the best all-round player we've ever had, Dave Rickard, are profiled.

LMCC has a Facebook page - for those who want to keep up with events via that site.

LMCC is on Twitter - for those who want to keep up with events via that site.

2016 Milestones.

The following players have milestone ahead of them for 2018.....

CLUB - (1st & 2nd XI Combined)

1ST XI Only.